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The Combined Fund Drive (CFD) is Washington State’s workplace giving program for active and retired public employees. State and higher education employees are invited to give to the charity of their choice through payroll contribution and agency fundraising events.

A state employee can safely and easily contribute to the WCS through the CFD’s online system, or with a paper contribution form in any of the following ways:

Monthly Contribution
A recurring amount will be taken out of each paycheck until the employee chooses to stop.

One-time contribution
A single donation is collected and distributed to the charity of the donor’s choice.

Limited Time contribution
Donations will be taken out of each paycheck for a set amount of time as defined by the employee.

Personal check

Designate the WCS as your CFD Charity of Choice - Charity Code: 1482656

Plan Your Legacy - Legacy gifts strengthen the WCS and support its educational programs. By including the WCS in your long-term plans, you can achieve the goals that are important to you—to benefit yourself, your district, and the statewide conservation effort that you value and believe in. In addition to a bequest in your will, there are other ways you may make a legacy gift. You can name the Society as a beneficiary of your retirement plan, or life insurance policy. 

Let Us Know Your Plans - If you have included the Washington Conservation Society in your estate plans, please let us know. We would like to thank you for your generous commitment to the future of natural resource conservation in Washington State.

WCS is not engaged in rendering legal or tax advisory service. Advice from legal and tax counsel should be sought when considering these types of gifts.

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The goals of the WCS are to support conservation activities, natural resource education programs and to recognize and honor individuals who exemplify the ethic and practice of sound conservation principles.

Your membership directly supports WCS's Environmental Education Mini-grant Program.