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Creating a Legacy Program


WCS should consider the following qualifications when selecting a Creating a Legacy inductee.

Impact: The inductee has had a significant and long-lasting impact or influence on strengthening conservation practice or partnerships at the local, state, regional levels in Washington State and/or at the national level. Although there are no minimum years of service to be considered for induction the inductees contributions must meet the impact level described above.

Role: The inductee currently serves or formerly served in one of the following roles in Washington State:

Conservation District official (Supervisor, Associate Supervisor)
Conservation District employee
State agency employee
Natural Resources Conservation Service employee
Member of a partnership organization or association
Other as appropriate (e.g., producer, landowner, industry representative, etc.)

Induction Process

Nominations can be made continually until November 1st of each year using the WCS nomination form. WCS will induct no more than 5 individuals per year and inductions will take place at our annual meeting.


Nominators should prepare and provide a summary of their inductee’s accomplishments and contributions to conservation for use in the Creating a Legacy book. Please include one quality electronic photo of the inductee. Nominations should clearly explain why the inductee is deserving of this special recognition and may include other accomplishments such as, but not limited to:

Conservation and professional achievements and awards
Community, civic, and public involvement or outreach and communications
Conservation-related organization affiliations
Educational achievements

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